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#116: Robert Leonard


In this episode of the Intelligent Investing Podcast, I sit down with Robert Leonard who is the VP of Growth & Innovation at The Investor's Podcast Network. He is also the host of the Millennial Investing Podcast and the Real Estate Investing Podcast. To watch the video of this podcast on YouTube, click here.

Robert is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) who graduated Cum Laude with a BSBA degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Massachusetts, where he also earned his MBA degree in Accounting and Finance. He is an accounting and finance professional with an immense passion for stock and real estate investing, business, entrepreneurship, traveling, and spending time with his friends and family.

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Show Summary

Happy day before Halloween! This is a very special episode of The Intelligent Investing Podcast. I bring Brian Langis back on the show to discuss Brookfield Asset Management which we have discussed before. We go into some of the slides from Brookfield Investor Day 2019 on both Brookfield Asset Management and also some of their subs such as Brookfield Business Partners. We discuss larger trends, low and negative interest rates, valuations, and culture.

Cultural Activism

We spend quite a while on the cultural activism going on at Brookfield Business Partners led by their COO, Denis Turcotte. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Brookfield Investor Day and noticed he wasn't just giving lip service to culture but actually doing it and knew he didn't learn this from business school. Many of you don't know this but I have a 10 year background in transformational coaching and a 7 year background specifically on organizational culture- not just understanding it but actually empowering organizations to elevate it. Brookfield Business Partners is actually working with businesses to elevate culture not just talk about it and no surprise, profits go up!

Better Culture Equals Greater Profits

One of the things I have discussed with my colleagues John King and Scott Forgey is that greater culture equates to greater profits. John King is the inventor of Tribal Leadership which is the most cutting edge and leading cultural transformation technology on the planet. Scott Forgey is working with me on empowering organizations to elevate their culture, except we are focusing on public companies. When an organization goes from what is known as Stage 2 to Stage 4, profits go up by an average of 300% - 500%.

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This was one of the most comprehensive and incredible interviews I've done. I don't think I've ever had so much fun doing an episode. Yes, I know, I know, this episode is LONG AF!!! 2 hours. It's insane. However, Scott is one amazing individual and it was a total honor to interview him.

Scott has led Transformational programs for over 100,000 people all over the world. The dude has coached top executives from all fields, award-winning architects and designers, Oscar and Tony-winning actors, Grammy Award-winning musicians and composers, athletes from the NBA, NFL and Formula 1, renowned chefs and tech startup geniuses. His practice brings together in-depth thinking from Silicon Valley with the wisdom and practices of advanced consciousness development. He gets FLOW and TEAM in a way that most others talk about in a way that makes want to roll my eyes, puke a little bit, and then call BULLSHIT on! Scott is the real deal.

We talk a little bit about Tribal Leadership which was discussed on previous episodes when I brought New York Times Bestselling author John King who invented the Tribal Leadership Technology onto the show, TWICE: 

Links are here:

#Episode 39: John King, Netflix, Tribal Leadership

And also here: John King - Tribal Leadership - A New Model for Shareholder Activism

You can reach out to Scott on his LinkedIn:

And of course you can follow Me on Seeking AlphaTwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and GSCM.

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Episode #39 - Description & Show Notes

- Interview with John King, co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, Tribal Leadership

- Companies discussed: Netflix, Sears, Ben & Jerry's, Trupanion

- Discussion on Tribal Leadership Work + Bringing Aristotle's Work Back

- How this all ties into being a better business operator

- Discussions on Leadership & how the conversation is missing compared to many Eastern European countries who get it quicker

- John King's Udemy Course: Leadership by Design

If you register by November 1st, you get a 50% discount. Just use Coupon Code: INTELLIGENTINVESTING



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In this episode, Eric Schleien interviews Peter Buffett who is the son of Warren Buffett. This is a recording from 2010, about a week after Peter Buffett wrote his book, "Life Is What You Make It". Eric did this special interview on WRUB Radio at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY.

If you'd like to support Peter Buffett via buying his book, you can purchase at this link:

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John King is co-author of The Coaching Revolution, from Adams Media, presenting best practices in the field of business and executive coaching. His second book, the New York Times  #1 best selling Tribal Leadership, published by HarperCollins, provided a unique and highly accessible cultural map.

John is in demand as a keynote speaker, and is internationally recognized as a senior teacher, coach, and program leader. His executive clientele have been featured on all major television networks and in New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. A brief sampling of John’s corporate, public sector and pro bono clients include Intel, Cedars-Sinai Health System, SEHA (Abu Dhabi) Southern California Edison, CB Richard Ellis, Colliers International, The California State Appointed Executives, Amgen, The American Express High Potential Executive Development Program, The Executive Committee of The Los Angeles Department of Public Health, and The Space Frontier Foundation. 

John is a frequent lecturer in the Marshall School of Business and the Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California. He delivers the capstone module, The Cultural Map, Triads and Strategy, for the University of Arizona Eller College of Management, Southwest Leadership Program, and was the 2012 Visiting Scholar on Leadership, lecturing on Culture, Triads and Strategy at the University of Oklahoma. 

Recently, John has also been teaching Leadership and Strategy at The University of Central Asia in Tajikistan, being simultaneously translated into Russian and Tajik. He was an honored guest lecturer at Texas State University in San Marcos Texas, The College of the Bahamas MBA Program in Nassau, Bahamas, and The Georgian Leadership Development Program in Tbilisi Georgia.

John is currently one of the senior faculty for the Central Eurasia Leadership Academy (CELA) at Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey, the Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA) in the Gulf Region, and is on the inaugural faculty for the Southeast Asia Leadership Academy (SEALA) in Chennai, India. John is Professor Emeritus at the Moscow International Leadership academy, a program he delivers via Skype. 

John is a certified facilitator of The Samurai Game®, conducts an intensive seminar regarding the establishment and sustainability of Communities of Honor, entitled, The Gatherings, and is currently developing his next book, Cultural Heros.

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