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Eric Schleien is a certified Tribal Leader with over a decade's worth of experience in breakthrough coaching and for the past five years has specialized in organizational culture under the mentorship of John King using the Tribal Leadership technology. Eric currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Granite State Capital Management, LLC and also does some consulting from time to time with a prominent Hedge Fund in NYC. In addition, Eric currently serves as an advisor to which aspires to be the largest community for people struggling with mental illness. Participants have the opportunity to learn from valuable resources, make long lasting friendships, and share their story. The long-term mission is to end the stigma of mental illness. Eric is the former New York State Chair of Young Americans for Liberty and served two terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives raising money from more individual donors than almost any other House race in the State despite being one of the youngest public officials elected in the United States where he won his first house race at the age of 26. Eric's has been a strong advocate and fought for Civil Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, Free Speech Protections, and LGBTQ rights. Eric was the first Republican in the United States to propose a bill to protect minors from Gay Conversion Therapy. Eric was the first legislator in the United States to write a bill which would have allowed citizens to pay their taxes in Bitcoin. Eric was also instrumental in repealing outdated religious Sunday laws. During Eric's last term in office, he was the prime sponsor for legalizing medical marijuana for people suffering from Chronic Pain and PTSD. Over the past decade, Eric has coached and trained Fortune 500 CEOs, prominent politicians, and thousands of individuals including hundreds of student political activists.

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